Dj Power – Dentro Me C’è Musica

Dj Power - Dentro Me C'è Musica

Artist: Dj Power
Title: Dentro Me C’è Musica
Label: Hitloop
Release Date: 16.03.2012

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Dj Power returns with his new single “Dentro Me C’è Musica”!
Rarely have we heard his productions sung in Italian, but this time Dj Power presents a beautiful production sung in both English and Italian, with an arrangement that remember the pure Italo Dance style of the past years.
The single includes two versions, the “Italo Reverse Edit” and “Italo Reverse Mix”, and will be available from March 16, 2012 on the best digital stores!
Published by the record label Hitloop!

01.Dj Power – Dentro Me C’è Musica (Italo Reverse Edit)
02.Dj Power – Dentro Me C’è Musica (Italo Reverse Mix)

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